C.M.E Counselling

Hello! I’m Marie Edgar – an experienced counselling psychotherapist providing counselling for individuals and groups in the Cambridgeshire area in the UK. I specialize in supporting individuals, couples, families and organizations with a variety of emotional  issues.

The root-causes of emotional issues can be complex. Counselling can be effective in identifying and treating a whole range of symptoms in the present and issues from the past. These may include low self-esteem, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, bereavement, loss, redundancy, relationship problems, sexual problems, issues around sexuality, childhood problems, abuse, trauma, post-traumatic stress, addiction and issues of isolation or loneliness.

You may be seeking therapy to make sense of or gain clarity of current events, events that have occurred in the past, to heal wounds, to find acceptance or to let go and move on from often difficult or traumatic events. You may have a longing to understand yourself, others and interpersonal relationships, to improve relationships with family and friends, or to discover a more authentic sense of themselves.

I understand that taking the first steps towards counselling can be difficult but also know first-hand that the results of therapy can be life changing.

Asking for help and getting started is usually the hardest part, but most people find great benefit from counselling. By reading this you have already taken your first brave step towards finding the help you may need! You are no longer just thinking about finding support; you’re now actively looking for it!

I believe that the therapeutic relationship between a client and their therapist is of paramount importance and I aim to create a safe, confidential, trusting  and supportive environment for this relationship to develop in where you can be heard and understood. I use a variety of methods to help you work through any issues that we may find and help you change, rebuild your life and regain your identity again.

If there is any issue in which the way you think, feel or behave is leading you to desire change, then counselling may help. Please contact me for an initial chat with a view to making an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am a member of both the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) working towards accreditation, and the FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals).



Client_T (Ely):

Talking about and facing my addition was extremely difficult for me at first but Marie’s calm manner and patience gave me the confidence to explore and fully understand the difficult issues that I had. Thank-you so much! 60 days in recovery and counting!

Client_S (Huntingdon):

I can’t thank Marie enough for how she has helped me through my loss. Her professional experience and personal empathy gave me something to hold onto while going through the saddest time of my life.

Client_D (Cambridge):

Marie brings a creative and compassionate healing perspective to integrative counselling for both individuals and groups